Is Penis Enlargement Real?

Monday, August 20, 2007

I’m sexier than I imagined.

Daniel said he had to work late last night. He didn’t come home until ten o’clock. He might have been telling the truth. Of course he could also have been out with that woman again. I wasn’t taking the chance. I decided to even the score a little. I took my Femtrex pill and switched on my computer. I found a twenty-seven year old man called Tony to have cyber sex with. This time I used my new web cam.
Tony is a very fit, muscular, well endowed African American with sexy lips and eyes. He really turned me on. I had a multiple orgasm. It may only have been virtual sex but it was highly erotic. Tony’s youthful body makes Daniel look fat and old. What surprised me is how much I turned Tony on, considering I’m sixteen years his senior. It seems I’m much sexier than I imagined.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now I can brag about my sex life.

My mother looked after Julia so Daniel and I could go out to dinner last night with our friends Leo and Jenny.
Jenny and I have a strange relationship. l love her but there are times when she can be rather inconsiderate. She knows about the sexual problems I’ve had over the years, yet it never stopped her from bragging about the amazing sex life she and Leo enjoy.
Yesterday when, like typical women, Jenny and I visited the bathroom together, I took pleasure in telling her all about what Femtrex has done to improve my sex life. I even got to boast of the five orgasms I had the other night. She actually had the audacity to ask me where I got the pills from. She looked angry when I told her that from what she says her sex life she should be the last person to need them.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Femtrex makes my vagina really wet.

Daniel came home on time last night and he was in an amorous mood. I think I might have been mistaken about him spending time with Samantha again. I still don’t feel guilty about having cyber sex with Tony, though. I think of it as retribution for all those years when Daniel did cheat on me.
For some reason I enjoyed having sex with Daniel even more last night than I have since Femtrex made me sexually active again. The idea that I had done something illicit the night before really turned me on.
I am actually rather surprised I haven’t made my vagina sore from all the sex I have been having. However, Femtrex makes my vagina really wet and I think this has stopped me feeling any genital irritation. I don’t think Daniel has suffered any inflammation either, he certainly hasn’t complained of it if he has.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Low libido is more common than I thought.

I told one of my female work colleagues about Femtrex yesterday. One of the receptionists, a woman called Sarah who is a year or two older than me, wanted to know why I seemed in such good spirits. I told her about how I was having lots of sex because of Femtrex. I also mentioned all of the orgasms. She immediately asked me where she could get Femtrex for herself. Apparently she had early menopause a few years ago and hasn’t felt much like having sex since. I was only too happy to give her the URL of the website where I bought my Femtrex pills. It seems strange that all this time I have been working with someone who has had a similar problem to me, yet the subject didn’t come up. Low libido among women is far more common a problem than I had imagined it was.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I had my first orgasm in eight years yesterday.

I took my first Femtrex pill at about eight thirty yesterday evening after I had put Julia to bed for the night. Mark was out with a friend so I anticipated having some time alone with Daniel. Unfortunately, about fifteen minutes after I had taken the pill Daniel said he had to pop out for a while and didn’t return for two hours. He probably went to see his girlfriend.
I was very disappointed that Daniel went out when he did. I went into our bedroom and consoled myself with a movie and some expensive chocolates. I tried not to allow myself to feel too crestfallen, since I figured the pills probably wouldn’t work anyway.
The movie I was watching featured Brad Pitt, who I have always found quite sexy. At first, I didn’t even notice that I seemed to be finding him sexier as the movie ran its course.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I’m highly satisfied with the final result.

Well the last day is finally here. As from tomorrow, I will no longer use XCEL male enlargement patches. My penis is over six and a half inches long. It is somewhere between four and three-quarter and five inches in girth. Before I began using XCEL my penis was four and half inches long. It was just three and a half inches in circumference. My penis is just over two inches longer than it was. The girth of my member has increased by more than one and a quarter inches.
The increase in the length of my penis is more than I hoped for. I would have liked my circumference to reach five inches. It is less than quarter of an inch from what I wanted, so I can’t grumble. It certainly beats the dimensions I used to have. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results from using XCEL.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

My penis won‘t shrink when I stop using XCEL.

Leanne was in one of her roguish moods yesterday evening. She was trying to make me paranoid. She suggested that ending my course of XCEL male enlargement patches on Friday 13th of all days did not bode well. Leanne wondered what I’d do if my penis shriveled back to its former size once I stopped using XCEL. Coincidentally, a woman who reads my journal online asked the same question today. I’m not worried though. The manufacturers of XCEL male enlargement patches assure customers that they are guaranteed to keep whatever gains they achieve. This means there is zero chance of my penis melting away like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz.
Leanne later confessed that she is incredibly happy with the increase in my size, my higher libido and the turn our relationship has taken since I began using XCEL. She reckons I’m nicer to be around these days.